I had chronic back problems due to an accident and had visited a number of chiropractors. Dr. Fluegel is the best chiropractor I have seen. Dr. Fluegel has always been able to alleviate my pain and provide me with sound advice for addressing these kinds of health issues at home as well as assisting me in his office. His professionalism and excellent staff further speak to the quality of his practice and abilities.
– Rhonda H.

Dr. Fluegel saved my life and saved me from surgery. After a short treatment program, I could enjoy my life again and live pain-free. I recommend Dr. FLuegel to all my friends and associates because he gets results.
– Max J.

I have been seeing Dr. Fluegel for many years. After suffering a severed horseback riding accident and injuring my back and neck, Dr. Fluegel has been a tremendous help in relieving my pain and getting me back to normal.
– Cathy R.

I was involved in a serious rear ender auto accident. Whiplash, headaches and back pain. I went to my M.D. who gave me pain pills and sent me to physical therapy. What a mistake. I was getting worse with no relief in sight. I was desperate, so my best friend recommended Dr. Fluegel. What a relief. I felt immediate results. I am now a believer and telling everyone how great he is and his office.
– Bob H.

Been a patient of Dr. Fluegel for years. Came in today with some shoulder pain. He asked good questions, listened attentively, addressed the issue and as usual, I left feeling much better!
– Jonathan B.

Dr. Fluegel is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
– Sevag N.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Fluegel forever and I would recommend him to anyone. He works magic!
– Jackie S.

Dr. Fluegel is exceptional! I was severally injured in a car accident with a broken ankle, torn knee, and bulging discs in L4 and 5. His treatments recommended vitamin supplements along with the exercises he showed me got me back on my feet 2 months faster than the MD’s predicted. He helped to keep my spirits up and made me a partner in my rehabilitation. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude and am thankful I found him.
– Sarah T.

Dr. Fluegel is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. Not only is he an exceptional chiropractor – knowledgeable in many techniques, but he is also kind, caring, patient and supportive. His expertise also includes nutrition and supplements, laser therapies and muscle testing. He has helped me enormously and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
– Bonnie A.

You guys are the best!!!!! Dr. Fluegel knows exactly what to do each and every visit. Gladis gives the best massage in Los Angeles. And Julie at the front desk is always smiling, friendly and makes me feel very welcome.
– Allison W.

I have been going to Dr. Fluegel for over 20 years. He is the best. I always feel better after visiting him. I require special treatment for my body and he is sensitive to my needs and adjusts his treatment to fit the challenges I have with my body. I always feel that when I leave his office I am ready to move freely And pain-free. Thank you, Dr. Fluegel And Julie his wife who finds a way to fit me into his busy schedule in an emergency for providing excellent care.
-Roxanne R.