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Dr. Donald Fluegel, D.C., is a chiropractor serving the greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood areas. This office is committed to providing a full range of chiropractic solutions to address back, neck, headaches, muscle spasm, shoulder, arm, knee and leg pain and muscle tension. The office treats auto accident injuries and specific conditions including chronic back pain or a spinal condition. Dr. Fluegel looks at the body as a whole to improve overall health wellness including nutritional evaluation and supplements.

On the first visit to Chiropractic Associates of Beverly Hills, Dr. Fluegel does a full evaluation and will explain how chiropractic care will work for specific conditions to customize a chiropractic treatment plan and goals.

Dr. Fluegel has a bi-weekly newsletter that has many helpful articles about health and wellness for his patients so that they stay informed on the latest in chiropractic care.

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