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“I had chronic back problems due to an accident and had visited a number a chiropractors. Dr. Fluegel is the best chiropractor I have seen. Dr. Fluegel has always been able to alleviate my pain and provide me with sound advice for addressing these kinds of health issues at home as well as assisting me in his office. His professionalism and excellent staff futher speak to the quality of his practice and abilities.” 

Dr. Rhonda Hammer                      

“Dr. Fluegel saved my life and saved me from surgery. After a short treatment program, I could enjoy my life again and live pain-free. I recommend Dr. FLuegel to all my friends and associates because he gets results.”

Max Jones

“I have been seeing Dr. Fluegel for many years. After suffering a severed horseback riding accident and injuring my back and neck, Dr. Fluegel has been a tremendous help in relieving my pain and getting me back to normal.”

Cathy Rose                                                                                                                    

I was involved in a serious rear ender auto accident. Whiplash, headaches and back pain. I went to my M.D. who gave me  pain pills and sent me to physcial therapy. What a mistake. I was getting worse with no relief in sight. I was desperate, so my best friend recommended Dr. Fluegel. What a relief. I felt immediate results. I am now a believer and telling everyone how great he is and his office.

Bob Hanson